Today a link (below) to the NEXT episode of the new documentary series “Summer of Life” /景颇夏天 by director Xie Mengqian. Whereas Parts 1 and 2 focused on the adventures of our students, Part 3 and (next week’s) Part 4 depicts me and my wife Li Yang’s daily life in our Prop Roots Center in the countryside, in this exotic, multi-ethnic China-Burma borderland.

The good thing about Part 3 is that you don’t need to understand Chinese (or Zaiwa) to be able to enjoy the scenes, and just watching already explains enough. The director has a great eye for detail and for the intrinsic beauty of this area.

In case you do not know what I look like, especially in this episode you’ll see a lot of ME (getting out of bed, sipping coffee, going to the market, playing with children, etc.) Next week’s Part 4 will contain more interviews and information about our project, and you’ll see more of Li Yang.

You will also see the ins and outs our Prop Roots Center, and a lot about life in the countryside, picturesque and earthly, sunlit and stained by red earth, with cute kids playing in the dirt with snot under their noses, country people that look Asiatic but not Chinese, with bamboo, buffaloes and exotic dishes.

As an inevitable consequence of cooperating with official media, the entire series makes no mention of the local drug epidemic and other severe threats to the local children’s development. It does show, though, that life itself is full of beauty. And after all, this is about CHILDREN.

Tips for watching:
at 07:30 you’ll see my wife, Li Yang
at 11:30 we go back into my history, by way of old pictures
at 15:00 you’ll see some traditional Jingpo ceremonial matters
at 22:00 starts the preview of Part 4

HERE's the LINK to this episode, directly from China Central TV’s site.

本期节目主要内容: 1991年夏天,荷兰人乐安东第一次来到云南德宏景颇族聚居地,进行载瓦语研究工作。渐渐地他发现自己也被彻底“景颇”化了,于是他和妻子李旸搬到这里定居,并历尽万难盖起儿童活动中心,同时在这里开展了名为“榕树根”的公益教育项目。 (《时代》 20150328 景颇·夏天 第三集 榕树根儿 上)

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