Today part TWO (link below) of the documentary series Summer of Life 景颇夏天 by Xie Mengqian (c), about another selection of our students, boys this time.

The protagonists of this episode are two Jingpo village boys, best friends though sometimes competitors, each a miraculous Michael Jackson interpreter in his own way.

The younger dancer, Li Zhimen, easy to recognize by his big head and fluffy hair, was always quite the opposite of shyness. His life evolves around two extremes: flashy Michael Jackson dancing, and the appeal of a career in the footsteps of his grandpa, a locally renowned shaman. Would it really be necessary to choose between the two?

Pai Aikan, the elder of the two, was always tremendously introvert and a real expert at staying unnoticed, until three years ago, when a Prop Roots’ volunteer persuaded him to show his dance moves. Since then, he has performed on stage during several village and Prop Roots events. Dancing gave him the kick for his ‘coming out’ in other fields as well, such as writing poetry and exploring science. During the process of making the present documentary Aikan got well acquainted with cameras, and as a natural result he also started directing, shooting and editing his own short films. (I’ll show some of that too, later.) For today’s documentary, Aikan wrote the monologues himself. Supporting actor is his younger brother Nongkan.

Here's the LINK to this episode, directly from China Central TV’s site.

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节目主要内容: 两个景颇族男孩疯狂爱上了杰克逊。他们帮邻居砍大半个月甘蔗,只为凑钱买一顶和杰克逊一样的舞帽共用。开学第一次全校大会上有一个孩子能够在大家面前表演杰克逊舞,为了争取唯一的机会,两个好朋友之间的关系发生了微妙的变化。 (《真相》 2015-03-27 景颇·夏天 第二集 董萨与杰克逊)