I wanted to restart this blog much earlier! Unbelievable that already two years have passed!

Never mind that mysterious last post. What happened in those mountains back then can always serve as a nice story for a later post, and I have a lot of other things to tell as well. I’m going to fully restart this blog, today!

(I did write some other articles though, in Dutch http://china2025.nl/author/anton-lustig/ mainly Prop Roots related.)

My current way of life is the result of some rather peculiar life choices and is not quite what you may call average. This results in some subtle pressures with which I may sometimes deal in rather individualistic ways. And that can be good thing too, I hope. It’s all, somehow, a little bit of an outcome of living outside of my native culture, a life of cross-cultural and cross-professional experiences. And of just being human of course, with a lot of foibles. (Nice word, ‘foibles’.) I’ll explain, in time.

My real purpose for the rest of my life would have been to work with color and sound and with what these can do to people - in other words: with Art. But anyway, here I am now, as co-founder of a rural education program, full-time observer, supporter of everything that’s going on in this quixotic home (quote: “Peter Pan house”) where I live, in this tiny ethnic Jingpo mountain village - our home and also a semi-home to > 100 local children.


It’s not easy. My wife and I, and our team, do receive support for the risks we take in our trying to help the underdogs of an under-developed society, but we are also continuously targeted from many directions by the opposition and misunderstandings that seem to naturally occur whenever one does things that are deemed unusual, especially in a complicated country like ours. (China - China-Myanmar border area in fact.)

I’m certain that the extent of these problems exceeds what most of you readers can at first imagine. You wouldn’t believe, for instance, that even the people you are helping themselves can at times turn themselves against you. All of this teaches us to become even more flexible and to sometimes take comfort in an understanding that these things just proove that our work is needed.

So bittersweet-ness can be quite prevalent. But I still love bright colors, and see them a lot too!


With every new post I will also share a piece of music that I am working on. It can be just a sketch or something semi-final, and may serve to add some flavor. Final versions, in professional sound quality, will come in time.

As a first musical post, here’s a semi-final version of a piece called ‘Stronger’. By LAVA. These letters stand for: Lustig Anton & Vrijman Arno, or in any order of names you like.