In one blow I am trying to re-kindle my blog AND get your attention for our music: the first EP (“Extended Play” music album) on which we have been working for a very long time, is out!

My friend Arno Vrijman and I have been making music together for over 10 years. I find him a great musician, working in ways that are much different from mine, which is only a great thing. Later on I’ll talk a little bit about the ways we co-operate. But anyway,  together we now go under the name of SINGULAR THEY, and this is our first album: Faults or weak spots or not, this is it!  

Our aim is to complement our skills and various inspirations,
in order to create the most inspiring and awakening music as possible.
And trying to let the music exceed the scopes of our egos.

As we humans do need a lot of strength,
so we can master all those complicated situations facing us.

Working on a second, third, and even a fourth album already!

album cover - painting © me

By the way, as you will notice, there is no need to pay for this music. The playlist will just have its go, sometimes with a few seconds of silence in between the tracks. But you can also pay and download them for some more convenience. ©