Today I share one of my most relaxed pieces. You could even call it meditation music.

(The picture above © is from a very old painting of mine.)

In a strict sense, meditation infers trying to not think of anything at all, whereas this piece may rather be suitable for allowing one’s thoughts to just flow wherever they want. While become more relaxed during the process hopefully.

According to the philosopher Hume, your self at any given moment is like a bundle of experiences. Nothing more, nothing less. If so, what if we could unravel, loosen up those bundles, so we can feel more relaxed when we want to? Hence the name for today's piece.

So today no anecdotes about our oft-troubled life here at the very edge of China and the bottom of society. Hopefully you can put your troubles aside as well. Notwithstanding everything that’s important in our lives, if we cannot relax ourselves and Get Deep, it’s not going to get us very far, is it?

This rather slow piece takes a bit longer (16 minutes) and is best kept for special occasions.